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Crisis brings communities together, it brings out the best in people. But when we are isolated it can be difficult for communities to operate.

Our elderly and vulnerable need the simplest messaging possible - and they should not be digitally exploited along the way. No profiling, tracking or unwanted commercial intrusion. Our free messaging app, part funded by the Home Office, which was built on our trust model will connect your community safely.

We are reaching out to volunteers, government agencies and the good of heart to give them the tools to help them do what they do best, help others.

Download the Krowd, check the private messages and follow the instructions to find and join your Community, or create your Community Krowd. Tell your friends, print this poster and put it in your window or village noticeboard or anywhere else that your community may see. Let's come together to fight Corona.

Need to know more on how to make best use of the Community Krowd? See our FAQ.

Community Krowd Assurance

At the core of our trust model is the absolute commitment to not collect any personal data we don't need, and what little we do collect to deliver the service we ensure is secured. More importantly it is deletable by you at any time, with the one exception of the group messages you send which are effectively public in your community. Even images you send are not accessible for resending outside of your Community Krowd by the recipients.

The Krowd has been built to the highest security standards, even though we hold so little data, it has been independently cyber security tested and was reviewed by the Counter Terror Security Division of the MOD as part of the project we undertook with the Home Office.

Most importantly, we never share any of the limited personal data we collect with any 3rd parties.

We have gone one step further - we have trialled the Krowd in the most stressful of simulated situations, specifically a marauding terror attack with guns that resulted in a lockdown of large numbers of people. We are sensitised to the lockdown situation you are going through and seek to assist and support your engagement with one another for mutual assurance and assistance. Any thoughts or ideas on how we can do better go to and post your comments. The other communities can vote on your issue and we can quickly understand how we can serve you better.

Fight Corona - Connect your Community - Digitally

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