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Krowdthink, developers of The Krowd app, want to ensure we not only provide a simple to use app that helps you connect live in the places you visit, but also preserves the very highest standards of privacy in your digital engagements.

If you have ideas about how you'd like to see the app improved, use your Krowd login at where you make suggestions or vote on other user ideas. 


How does the Krowd work to group people together in places?
You need to connect to your Wi-Fi. We group live hotspot users together to form a local Krowd. You can leave the hotspot, use your dataplan, or connect to a new hotspot and stay engaged in the location conversation.

How do I connect to Krowds in places I have been? 
Swiping right or tapping the Wi-Fi name in the top left corner of the app gives you a list of hotspots you have used the Krowd on.
A Wi-Fi sign next to the hotspot name (top left) denotes your phone is connected to that hotspot. No Wi-Fi sign means you are connecting to a previously visited location's Wi-Fi Krowd.
The places we go are made interesting by the people that visit or work there, so stay connected to the live conversations. Press and hold a Wi-Fi name to rename it to something more meaningful to you.

I am on the same Wi-Fi as others yet we are not in the same Krowd, why not? 
Even though you maybe on the same hotspot name, you may be connected to different hotspots (routers). The Krowd servers take a few minutes to identify all the hotspots. It may help if you move around the location as this will accelerate the process of local Krowd forming. 

How does the Krowd conversation filter work? 
The filter is set from the menu (on Android) or by tapping the filter icon on iOS. If you want to focus on one conversation and enable others to do so too, then set a filter name. Your Krowdfeed will now only show content that includes that filter and all your messages will have the filter name tagged on the end for others to see and use if they so wish. Note that your filtered conversation content is still visible in the main Krowd discussion (so others can join in). All Krowd conversations are public in the place you are in, but not on the Internet generally.

What does The Krowd use #'s for? 
To help you discover people with shared interests. Each time you tag a word with a # we keep a record in your hidden Krowd profile (you can review your stored hashtags at Anyone can search the current Krowd list, follower list, followed list or indeed the complete Krowd app user list for people who use a #< word >. We suggest you hashtag words that are related to your personal interests.

Can I use web links in The Krowd?
Yes. However we have some advice. If you include links to a Facebook or Linkedin or other identity based social platform in your profile or in chat, then you undermine the idea that in a Krowd your are strangers (your Krowd name does not have to be a real name) until you choose to connect in real life. For some this level of identity privacy is not a concern, for others it is. 
Always respect other people's identity privacy. Outing people's Krowd identities is a violation of our terms of service and could lead to account suspension. We take a dim view of 3rd parties using web links to identify people without their opt-in consent, if you suspect this is happening press and hold their message and link and report it.

What information does the Krowd collect on me? 
Virtually none. The only identifying information we optionally ask for is your email address, so we can help you recover your password (when changing devices for example) or for exchanging emails with people in your local Krowd. The only usage and profiling information we obtain is publicly available in your Krowd profile, used to help you understand if others are good Krowd citizens, plus the hashtags you store to provide simple profile search for others (which you can delete at anytime by logging into We also sustain your follower list on our servers. That's it.

Do you keep a record of my Krowd conversations? 
No. We keep a short time history of all current live conversations (a matter of minutes) on our servers so we can update late joiners as to what was recently said, but that is it. The ONLY copy of the conversation that is stored permanently is on the phones of the people who participated. In effect it's the digital equivalent of Chatham House rules because you are conversing using a nickname (pseudonym) too. 
The same is true for one to one messages. Once delivered we have no record of the message on our server. The only two copies exist on the sender and receiver phones. Encrypted copies may persist for a short while on internet servers that helped pass the message to you. 

How secure is my data?
Our first policy is to maniacally minimize what we hold about you, this is the best security anyone can offer. We use state of the art secured cloud services. On top of this we use https for all your internet connections, we encrypt your email address, and we hash the Wi-Fi information so that even if we are hacked the hackers cannot identify which hotspot you are connected to. We also encrypt your personal one to one messages in transit. 

How do I screen out what I consider to be offensive content? 
There are two tools in The Krowd app to help. 
The first is the ignore button which you can find by tapping on a persons name. This will immediately filter that person out of any further conversation content that you see, it will also update a counter on that persons profile so regularly offensive people are more readily identified. 
For content that you believe breaches our terms of service just press and hold on the offending message, you will be offered the opportunity to report the offending person and content to our staff for review and action. 

How do I get immediate Krowd feedback or Poll the Krowd?
The Krowd app has a poll feature. If you are running a conference or a venue and have a PA system, just ask your Krowd to give feedback on the issue of the moment. The poll slider is their individual input and the measure in black is the immediate aggregate view of the Krowd at your event or venue. This feature is free. We will be shortly adding an ability for Krowd managers at venues and events to poll their Krowd digitally too. If you have ideas give feedback at or vote on other peoples ideas.

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