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For Student Well-Being

A great University or College ensures that issues of student safety, security and well-being do not impede a great education.

We propose an approach that provides a campus based messaging app for the students that extends to the city/town environs, overlaid with services that the University or college provides, readily accessible when the student needs.

A Unique Approach Through Partnership

Krowdthink and Reliance High-Tech have come together, combining Krowdthink's unique expertise in digital messaging technologies and crowded places safety platform as funded by the Home Office, with Reliance High-Tech's extensive experience in both University campus security systems and industry leading lone worker/mobile worker safety solutions.  Through this partnership we can deliver innovative communication solutions through a digital platform, driving student engagement and offering:

Underpinning these features are 2 key principles.

1. It’s a student to student social platform.  The communication systems deployed are for student to student communications, where students can choose to engage with supporting university services.
2. Student personal information stored is kept to the absolute minimum with students having full visibility and control over what’s stored, how it is used, and how long it is stored for.

Unique Opportunity To Engage

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to Universities and Higher Education Institutions who are committed to developing both their digital communications on campus and student safety and wellbeing strategies.

Institutions want to drive student engagement, but recognise the lack of control measures and data management issues associated with current general social media platforms, combined with the resistance to adoption and use of enterprise solutions by students, who tend to see such systems as another monitoring system.

For more Information contact:

+44 117 230 2344

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