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Krowded Event

Connect exhibitors, speakers and delegates in your event platform

KrowdedEvent™ gives you a social platform for your event that connects your event together.
People attend events to network - The Krowd breaks down the barriers to engagement and enhances discovery of those people that will make your day.
It's your messaging platform for your event that helps you deliver a stunning event.

For B2B Networking

Sharing the event experience
KrowdedEvent is so simple a non-technical user can be set up and ready to go in less than an hour – you can do it on the day!
KrowdedEvent extends the Krowd in your venue with tools that:
  • Gives you event management control of the platform
    * to eject users
    * Content censoring
    * Krowdfeed content alerts
  • Crowd Orchestration
    * Branded entry to Krowd App
    * Management of the Krowdfeed split amongst multiple streams
    * Scheduled and ad-hoc venue updates
    * Promote sponsor content in the Krowd
    * Push notifications for critical updates to your event Krowd
    * A simple way to integrate speaker/exhibitor and schedule information - just link the URL to the app menu
    * Push Krowdfeed to in-venue large screens
    * Linked to messaging with alert raising crowd member

Tools to help you manage your Krowd

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