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Krowded Place

Connect your venue visitors or staff in your social platform

KrowdedPlace™ gives you a social platform for your venue that connects visitors.
People makes Places - so connect them!
It's your messaging platform for your venue that helps you build community.

B2B Networking

B2C or C2C Communities
KrowdedPlace browser based services for venue managers extends the Krowd in your venue with tools that::
  • Give you management control of the platform
    * to eject users
    * Content censoring tools
    * Krowdfeed content alerts
    * to assign event managers to use KrowdedEvents
    * to assign security managers to use KrowdSafe
  • Add an alert interface (yellow button)
    * Configurable facilities maintenance alerts
    * So the crowd can send alerts at a tap of the app
    * Engage in 1 to 1 messaging with facilities management
    * Share images
  • Crowd Curation
    * Branded entry to Krowd App
    * Scheduled and ad-hoc venue updates
    * Push notifications for critical updates to your Krowd
    * Extensible Krowd app menu for your venue intranet web content
    * Push Krowdfeed to in-venue large screens
  • Alerts Management Interface
    * 3D mapped location reporting for source of alert
    * Assignment of alerts to team members
    * Alert management feedback tools
    * Log of user alert response management
    * Linked to messaging with alert raising crowd member

Tools to help you manage your Krowd

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