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Engage the crowd in keeping themselves safe

KrowdSafe™ creates a simple instant messaging platform between the crowd and security.
Every crowd member becomes a reporting threat to the terrorist or those planning minor crimes, making your venue or event hostile to those with malicious intent and safer for the crowd itself.



Keeping retail malls
safe and secure
See how the Krowd supports
NaCTSO's Crowded Places Guidance

Making your event
safe and secure
See how the Krowd supports
NaCTSO's Crowded Places Guidance

KrowdSafe Software as a Service extends the Krowd in your venue with tools that:
  • Give you management control of the platform
    * to eject users
    * Content censoring tools
    * Krowdfeed content alerts
  • Add an alert interface (red button)
    * Configurable security alert selection to match issues of the day
    * So the crowd can send alerts at a tap of the app
    * Engage in 1 to 1 messaging with security
    * Share images
  • Crowd education
    * Security KrowdSafe message of the day on C(K)rowd entry
    * Scheduled and ad-hoc security information reminders
    * Prioritised push notifications for critical issues
    * Evacuation plan insertion to Krowd Menu
  • Alerts Management Interface
    * 3D mapped location reporting for source of alert
    * Assignment of alerts to team members
    * Alert management feedback tools
    * Evidenced logged
    * Linked to messaging with crowd member

Security Minister Ben Wallace MP
receives demonstration of KrowdSafe

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