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Krowdthink, the company who developed The Krowd app, want to ensure we not only provide a simple to use app that helps you connect in the places you visit, but at the same time preserve the very highest standards of privacy in your digital engagements. We hope this FAQ will help you understand how we work. If you have ideas about how you'd like to see the app improved, use your Krowd login at where you make suggestions or vote on other users ideas.

Krowd Tools FAQ

This FAQ helps authenticated (purchasing) Krowd tool users understand how they can extend the value of the Krowd app for their delegates and visitors. If you have not tried the Krowd app yet we suggest you do so and read the Krowd user FAQ before progressing.

How am I Authenticated as a Tool User?
We link access rights to the tools we sell to a specific Krowd user via their email address. You will need to create a Krowd account by downloading the Krowd app first, then associate your work email with the account by selecting "settings" in the menu then tapping "My account & consents". Make sure you authenticate the email by responding to the verification email. When you purchase the Krowd tools you will be prompted for the user email that should be the same as the one used to register in the Krowd app. Once procurement is confirmed you can browse to and the Krowd Tools will be available to you when you login using your Krowd app login details.

How does the Krowd app know where to send my Krowd tool content?
A unique aspect of the Krowd Tools is the ability to direct your published content to where you are. For example the scheduled or promotional/sponsor content you create will get posted into the Wi-Fi Krowd you are logged into via the app, and nowhere else.

Any restrictions on where I can use the Krowd Tools?
In order to avoid conflict between location owners and event managers we require you to be the owner of the establishment where the Wi-Fi is deployed (that the Krowd app uses to create local Krowds) or to have their permission to use their Wi-Fi for your event delegates.

Any limit on how often I can use the Krowd Tools?
No. For location owners they may want to use them 24/7. For event managers they may have multi-day events or indeed multiple different events over the period of their subscription. Feel free to practise your Krowd tool setup and use on your office Wi-Fi.

How is Scheduled Content & Promotional Content Setup?
When you login to the account as an authenticated Krowd tool user you’ll see a number of new menu options not normally visible to Krowd users.


Specifically you will now see one or more new menu items:Your Krowd, Live Posts, Scheduled Posts and Krowd Feed (depending on which package you procured).
Your Krowd: Will provide access to event usage statistics, and if procured, the URLs of the splash screen and integrated web content that will now appear in the Krowd app menu at events where you are co-located.
Live Posts: Allows you to use your browser to push content directly into the local Krowd where your mobile device and Krowd account are connected.
Scheduled Posts: Allows you to set up posts to appear wherever your mobile Krowd account is active (your local Wi-Fi Krowd) at the time (+/- 1 min) and frequency of your choice. Used for scheduling notifications or for branded/sponsored content. We suggest you are careful not to spam the Krowdfeed to avoid users disconnecting. E.g. for sponsored content give gold sponsors a branded post every 15 mins, silver every 30mins (offset by 5 mins) etc.
Krowd Feed: This screen reflects the Krowd feed that your mobile Krowd app account is connected to. So you can put this browser window up on a big screen at your events or place of business.

How do I set up the splash screen and web content integration?
The splash screen should be designed for display on mobile phones. Send the graphics of your splash screen with the 2 or 3 URLs for app integration to Include the WiFi hotspot name of your office so you can test there, and the Wi-Fi hotspot name of the event venue for the live usage with the dates of the event. You will be able to test the splash screen and web integration on your office WiFi for the period of your tools access rights. The event Wi-Fi service will only be activated on the day of the event.

How many ‘Big Screens’ Can I have projecting Krowd Content?
As many as you like. Just login to your Krowdnet account on a browser for each screen and select the Krowd Feed menu item.

How does the Digital Tannoy Work?
Each specially marked message (starts with ATTN:) sent by an authenticated Krowd tool user will cause every Krowd users phone in your Krowd location to vibrate/tweet with a push notification. Great for noisy nightclub and music event notifications or even critical situation updates. Overuse may see Krowd users ignoring you, so use carefully.

I am worried about inappropriate content being seen in my event Krowd or shown on the ‘Big Screen’, how do I manage that?
Every user has the ability to ignore another, immediately filtering out anything that person posts in the local Krowd. As an authenticated Krowd Tool user if you ignore someone their content will not be shown on your ‘Big Screen’ any more. The Advanced Krowd Tool ‘Empowered Ignore’ will block that users content being sent into your location or event Krowd for the rest of the day – the same effect as if every Krowd user in your local Krowd ignored that person at the same time. It’s your Krowd you should have control.

How does The Krowd keep my use GDPR compliant?
Only Krowdthink can correlate a Krowdname to identifiable data such as an email address. Through our co-location technology we don’t know which list of people are where, so we don’t know who your customers or event delegates are and keep no record of such. As such your users are anonymised from each other, from Krowdthink and from you, just as everyone in a crowd in real life is a stranger. If a user chooses to identify themselves with a real name for their Krowd name or by posting links to Facebook/Linkedin or other social platforms which hold identity, that is there choice, they may also choose within the app to exchange their registered Krowd email address with other users. Such activities are explicit opt-in processes which the users can be expected to unambiguously understand and thus are consent methods for GDPR purposes.

Does Exporting the KrowdFeed contravene GDPR Consent Requirements?
No. Every post in the Krowdfeed is attributed to a Krowdname that is not an identifiable person. The Krowd app is designed to create the expectation by users that what’s said in a location/event is only accessible to those there or who have been there. So in keeping with this privacy expectation, and as a data processor under the GDPR you should not seek to re-identify Krowd users nor to publicise the Krowd feed discussion thread.

How does the ‘Branded Krowd’ work?
The Krowd treats your Wi-Fi as a public Intranet access point. So you can make web content that is accessible only to people that are in your premises or at your event, thus allowing you to add digital/web value to your location or event. This web content is accessed via the Krowd app.
As part of authenticating your Branded Krowd tool access we will ask you to explicitly define which Wi-Fi based Krowd you want to brand. You will be asked to connect your mobile Krowd account to this Wi-Fi at a pre-arranged time and to sign a contract confirming your rights to manage the use of this Wi-Fi network in this location. Thereafter anyone joining that Wi-Fi based Krowd will experience a branded splash screen when entering the app on your Wi-Fi. They will also be offered access to your intranet pages via the app.
This feature will allow you to control daily content into the Krowd such as special pricing to actual visitors to your location/event or digital content you only want to make available to real life visitors rather than anyone on the Internet.

What is KaaS?
KaaS is Krowd as a Service. Krowdthink provides approved developers access to our co-location and public intranet functionality, enabling them to build their own apps or contracting Krowdthink to develop Krowd enabled apps of their own. Contact if this service is of interest.

What’s the Organiser/Place Owner Back Channel?
Due to the way the app works some Wi-Fi deployments will give you a ‘free’ Krowd back channel. If your hotspots sustain two SSIDs (hotspot names), one is usually password-protected access and the other is for public internet access. The latter is usually used for the Krowd. However if you have access to the 2nd hotspot you can easily (swipe rights within any screen) select the Wi-Fi Krowd of the other Wi-Fi, thus giving place owners and event organisers a way to have a ‘private’ Krowd for organizational broadcast messaging. Remember though if you are the authenticated Krowd tool user to stay connected to the public Wi-Fi otherwise scheduled content will be pushed to the private Krowd.

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